UberMenu Troubleshooting Symptoms
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Google Maps display issue (6) [ + ]

The map is either not displaying, or is not drawn completely.

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jQuery/javascript errors (4) [ + ]

A javascript error is printed in the javascript console.

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Styles don't look like the demo (11) [ + ]

Because we're injecting a chunk of HTML into a theme's markup and replacing an existing menu, the theme (or other plugins) CSS styles, javascript, or PHP functions can affect how the menu displays. Generally, themes that are written with modularity in mind don't have this issue.

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Submenus (dropdowns) not displaying (8) [ + ]

The submenus are not appearing when the top level menu item is activated (hover or click).

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Internet Explorer display problem (6) [ + ]

There is a display issue, specifically in a version of Internet Explorer (IE).

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Can't Expand Responsive Menu Toggle (6) [ + ]

When you click the collapsed "Menu" button on a mobile device, nothing happens and the menu items are not revealed.

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UberMenu does not appear (5) [ + ]

UberMenu replaces the existing menu by targeting a theme_location on a specific wp_nav_menu call. Because we're injecting the menu markup into the middle of a theme template, the theme's CSS, javascript, and PHP code can affect the rendering of the menu.

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UberMenu and Theme Menu Both Appear (1) [ + ]

When using a responsive theme, UberMenu and the theme menu both appear once activating UberMenu.

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Menu is not positioned properly (1) [ + ]

The menu does not appear in the expected location

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Current submenu open by default (2) [ + ]

When visiting a page, the submenu of the current menu item opens automatically without it being triggered by the user.

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30 Potential Diagnoses

jQuery version incorrect 343 [ + ]

UberMenu 3.0 requires jQuery 1.11.1 or higher (but less than jQuery v2), which should automatically be included with WordPress 3.9 or higher. If your theme or another plugin has changed the jQuery version, that can cause javascript errors that can break the menu as well as other javascript component on your site.

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overflow:hidden; (submenu truncated by theme CSS) 55 [ + ]

If the theme is setting overflow:hidden on one of UberMenu’s ancestor elements, it can effectively cut off the submenus, either partially or from displaying at all.

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z-index (submenu hidden behind content) 132 [ + ]

When HTML elements overlap on the page, they have to be layered – one element has to be in front of, and the other behind on the z-axis. The element on the bottom may be hidden by the element on top. If UberMenu appears below other elements on your page, it means you need to set the z-index appropriately for adjacent containers. Most of the time, the containers to be adjusted are part of your theme and your CSS style won’t include any UberMenu selectors.

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UberMenu javascript is not loaded 90 [ + ]

If a WordPress theme does not include the required hooks (wp_footer), UberMenu can’t load its javascript, so javascript functionality like animations, triggers, and maps will be lost.

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UberMenu stylesheets not loaded 6 [ + ]

If a WordPress theme does not include the required hooks (wp_head), UberMenu can’t load its stylesheets, so the menu won’t be styled.

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Internet Explorer stylesheet limit reached 47 [ + ]

Internet Explorer can only load 31 stylesheets per page. If your theme or another plugin is loading a large number of stylesheets, and the limit is reached before UberMenu’s stylesheets are loaded, UberMenu’s styles will not appear at all in Internet Explorer, because IE has ignored those stylesheets entirely.

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Residual styling from the theme is affecting the menu display 22 [ + ]

If your theme’s menu styles are based on a hard-coded element wrapping the menu, those styles will still apply after replacing the menu markup, and will conflict and negatively impact the style and functionality of the menu.

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jQuery Enhancements disabled (UberMenu 2 only) 39 [ + ]

If you disable jQuery Enhancements, you will lose all javascript functionality in the menu, including animations, maps, non-hover triggers, and the responsive menu toggle expansion.

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UberMenu stylesheets disabled 5 [ + ]

If the basic.css file has been disabled in the Control Panel, the menu will not function properly if the styles have not been included elsewhere.

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Flash object obstructing menu / submenu 10 [ + ]

Because Flash objects are always layered above all other HTML elements, if they overlap with your submenu, the submenu will be partially obstructed.

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Unrelated javascript error 45 [ + ]

If another plugin or your theme throws a javascript error before UberMenu’s javascript has been executed, it will prevent UberMenu from functioning properly, including submenu positioning, click events, responsive menu toggling, and more.

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Duplicate Google Maps API 51 [ + ]

If two or more plugins (or theme) load the Google Maps API, and the library is loaded twice, a javascript error will occur and the maps will stop working.

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Theme Location is not activated 32 [ + ]

UberMenu setup requires you to select which Theme Location to target and turn into an UberMenu in Appearance > Menus. If you do not select a Theme Location, UberMenu will not be applied to any menu on the site.

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Theme’s wp_nav_menu call does not use the theme_location parameter 6 [ + ]

The wp_nav_menu() call in the theme MUST use the theme_location parameter for UberMenu to be applied to that menu.

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wp_nav_menu call uses ‘menu’ parameter 4 [ + ]

If a theme’s wp_nav_menu() call uses the menu parameter, the critical theme_location parameter will be ignored – and therefore UberMenu cannot target the menu.

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wp_nav_menu is called twice with the same theme_location parameter (UberMenu 2) 23 [ + ]

Some themes call wp_nav_menu twice with the same theme_location parameter – doing so may have strange results.

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wp_nav_menu output is filtered or manipulated by theme 3 [ + ]

Some themes will manipulate the UberMenu output in a non-standard way, resulting in breaking the menu style, layout, and functionality, as the markup is not as expected.

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HTML5 Nav Element (menu displayed as unstyled list) 16 [ + ]

If the menu is printed in HTML5 mode, IE will require something like the HTML5 shiv to properly render HTML5 elements; older versions do not support HTML5 elements out of the box.

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Invalid doctype 5 [ + ]

If the doctype cannot be properly interpreted by IE, IE will revert to Quirks mode, which will essentially display the site as IE6. The document must have a valid doctype, and it must be the first line in the file.

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HTML Syntax Errors (half-rendered menu) 14 [ + ]

If you have an HTML syntax error in your menu (generally introduced via a widget or a content override), IE may seem to stop rendering the menu half way through (at the point of the error), leaving the remainder of the menu unstyled.

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IE7/IE8 z-index 12 [ + ]

If your submenu is hidden or partially obstructed in IE only, it’s likely that you have a z-index issue manifesting only in Internet Explorer. See z-index

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Submenus hidden in Internet Explorer with Filter Gradient 23 [ + ]

You can NOT use IE gradient filters on your menu bar. If you add an IE filter to your menu bar in order to create a gradient, IE will automatically treat that element as overflow:hidden, no matter what CSS settings you change. This effectively chops off the submenu and prevents it from displaying.

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Menu positioned absolutely 31 [ + ]

UberMenu replaces the markup of the menu in your theme. However, it also replaces the CSS styles. If the position of the theme’s menu was determined by absolute positioning rather than relative positioning, the menu may not appear in the expected location.

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Residual scripting from the theme 53 [ + ]

Some themes’ menu javascript will still affect the menu even after UberMenu has replaced the default menu. As a result, UberMenu can appear distorted, the styles can be incorrect, extra markup may be added, and the functionality may break.

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Extra markup breaking map markup 18 [ + ]

WordPress, your theme, or another plugin may be running autop or textualize filters on the map HTML, which adds extra BR elements and breaks the map output. Upgrade to the latest version of UberMenu ( or later) to resolve the issue.

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Using $ outside of a closure ($ is not defined or is not a function) 8 [ + ]

When you’re using a modular system like WordPress, it’s important that all jQuery is compartmentalized and running in noConflict mode in order to avoid conflicts. When other themes/plugins don’t follow this standard, you’ll get jQuery errors that break other scripts, like UberMenu.

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Menu is obstructed by another element on the page 32 [ + ]

When two elements overlap, one has to be on top. The one on the bottom may still be visible if the top element is transparent, but the bottom element can’t be interacted with because click/hover events are applied to the top level element and are blocked from the one below it.

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Menu Item Classes have been stripped 7 [ + ]

Sometimes, a theme or plugin will use a filter to strip out the standard WordPress menu item classes like menu-item. When these are removed, UberMenu’s styles, which rely on these classes, cannot be applied. Themes and plugins should never remove core functionality.

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Theme/Plugin is loading conflicting javascript (admin screens) 0 [ + ]

When other plugins/themes load their javascript on pages that aren’t their own, they can break things.

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Click the color wheel to set the color 1 [ + ]

To set the color, you need to click the color wheel in the lower right corner of the color picker.

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Theme replaces current menu item classes with ‘active’ class 16 [ + ]

Some theme strip out core menu classes like the current-menu-item classes and replace them with their own ‘active’ class. This forces the menu open on page load.

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Residual Styling Hides the Mobile Menu 19 [ + ]

In some cases, the theme’s CSS will set the menu to display:none;, which will hide the menu even when the toggle tries to expand it. For full details, please see the Knowledgebase: Residual Styling. Depending on the nature of the issue, you may need to use Manual Integration to prevent the theme from interfering.

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wp_nav_menu is called twice with the same theme_location parameter (UberMenu 3) 24 [ + ]

Some themes call wp_nav_menu twice with the same theme_location parameter to produce separate desktop and responsive menus. UberMenu will replace both, and be visible as the theme’s mobile CSS no longer applies.

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