• There are no more specific symptoms for "jQuery/javascript errors"

Potential Diagnosis

  • jQuery version incorrect

    UberMenu 3.0 requires jQuery 1.11.1 or higher (but less than jQuery v2), which should automatically be included with WordPress 3.9 or higher. If your theme or another plugin has changed the jQuery version, that can cause javascript errors that can break the menu as well as other javascript component on…

  • Unrelated javascript error

    If another plugin or your theme throws a javascript error before UberMenu’s javascript has been executed, it will prevent UberMenu from functioning properly, including submenu positioning, click events, responsive menu toggling, and more.

  • Duplicate Google Maps API

    If two or more plugins (or theme) load the Google Maps API, and the library is loaded twice, a javascript error will occur and the maps will stop working.

  • Using $ outside of a closure ($ is not defined or is not a function)

    When you’re using a modular system like WordPress, it’s important that all jQuery is compartmentalized and running in noConflict mode in order to avoid conflicts. When other themes/plugins don’t follow this standard, you’ll get jQuery errors that break other scripts, like UberMenu.